Information Key

Traits Key

    • 10 - 100

    Traits are indicated by a series of boxes as per the example left.

    • 10 - 100
    Selected Traits

    Traits that are applicable to the current genera (ie: select traits) are emphasised and are presented with a dark black border. See example left.

    • 10 - 100
    Estimated Traits

    Where there is insufficient information to assess a particular relevant trait, we have estimated the value from information for related genera. These values are show with a dashed/dotted border to indicate an uncertainty in the value shown for a particular genus. See example left

Folk Classification Key

Folk classification used to classify sediments. The classification C has been applied to cobble habitats. Based loosely on the classification of R.L. Folk, 1954. J.Geol., 62, pp344-359.

Folk sediment classifcation
Mud SSand
mSMuddy Sand
gMGravelly Mud
gmSGravelly Muddy Sand
gSGravelly Sand
mGMuddy Gravel
msGMuddy Sandy Gravel
sGSandy Gravel